I didn't grow up loving tech. I did, however, grow up taking things apart and putting them back together just for the fun of it to see how they work.

I am a current freelance web application developer. I am passionate about building software solutions that solve real problems. I received my Bachelor of Science in Physiology in 2019, which led me to acquire a job in a microbiology laboratory as a Microbiology Lab Manager. After 6 months of working in that role, I started programming out of curiosity and the need to fill a creative void. After creating a small web scraping program, I became enveloped in the power of software.

Since then, many things have happened, and I have matured. I have found out more about myself, my passions, and whom I want to be. I have completed and received my Bachelor's in Computer Science from Southern Illinois University-Carbondale. Through taking university courses and through working on my own personal projects, I have experience developing programs/software in Java, C++, JavaScript, and bash scripting in both Windows and Linux environments. Although I have learned a ton of valuable knowledge through my undergraduate career, one class stuck with me the most: Web Application Development. In this course, I created my own website from scratch through using the MEAN stack (MongoDB, Express, AngularJS, and Node.js). From this learning experience, I have gone on to build many web applications for myself and my clients. I am interested in building highly scalable and distributed systems, particularly in JavaScript, and understanding how web API's can be built to optimize the communication of data from frontend to backend. Finding my place at a company with a strong vision and a team-oriented environment is my current goal. I aspire to find a place where I can grow as a software developer, leader, team member, and teacher.

Outside of my professional life, I enjoy weightlifting, woodworking, and fishing!

  • UI/UX
    Designing Web/Desktop App interfaces
  • Web Development
    Website/Web application design and development
  • Desktop App Development
    Desktop application design and development
  • Sept 2023 - Oct 2023
    Software Developer at LOCiS Inc. (Contract)
  • Aug 2023 - Sept 2023
    Web Developer Intern at Bodhi Counseling & Consulting Center PC
  • May 2023 - Current
    Freelance Web Developer
  • 2023
    B.A. in Computer Science from Southern Illinois University-Carbondale
  • 2019
    B.S. in Physiology from Southern Illinois University-Carbondale

My Services

Web App Development

Website or web application development for any needs whether it be a business or just a personal website.

Website Support

Any maintenance or support needed for your website like website performance, domain name management, website hosting, mobile responsiveness.

Desktop App Development

Cross-platform desktop application development needs.

Recent Projects

Smith Elite Training Website

Website for a personal trainer in Southern Wisconsin.

Pomodoro Timer Online

Web application that monitors and tracks study time.


Web application used for employee management.

Signature Land Management Website

Website for a landscaping company in Northern Illinois.

Personal Website

Personal portfolio website built with the MongoDB, Node.js and ExpressJS

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(815) 209-7033

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